Day 7:If you want something done right…

Today I’m writing about the Social Isolation/Alienation Schema…If you remember, this schema refers to the belief that one is isolated from the world, different from other people, and/or not part of any community. This belief is usually caused by early experiences in which children see that either they, or their families, are different from other people.

This ties into my writing over the last few days, where I’ve mentioned how much I stuck out in school for being who I was. I’ve stuck out everywhere I can think of my entire life.I played baseball as a kid and stuck out there because not only was I terrible at it, but my brother was one of the star players. Oh, and I was the only girl on the team. I was deeply ashamed of the fact that I couldn’t play, and that the entire team looked down upon me, but I didn’t know what to do about it. I was maybe 10 when this was happening. That’s just one example of how much I stuck out as a kid. I continued to stick out in school, not just for being smart, but because my clothes weren’t ‘the right style’, and I didn’t have the confidence to pull off what I was wearing. And as I’ve said earlier, sticking out in an inner city school was horrible.

So I think those events coupled with being ignored by the people who mattered most to me led to me feeling alone in the world, and that I was the only one who looked out for me. I’ve always been the one who’s said if you want it done right, you have to do it yourself, and it’s how I’ve lived my life to a point. In some cases it’s just extreme  I mean, I do all the finances for the house, and don’t let any one help with that, But in other matters I turn a mole hill into a mountain. I insist on taking the kids to the doctors because I worry something might be missed unless I was otherwise there to catch it. We’ve had a few scares the doctors before so I can try and recognize where that one is probably coming from as well.

I’m starting to think these schemas are all meshed together in some ways. Kind of like a Gordion  knot that is warped around itself, you’ll never separate all the pieces. I still have’t talked about my Self-Sacrifice shema, or insufficient self control or my unrelenting standards schemas. And those one are definitely affecting me in the here and now, whereas I think because of the progress I’ve made with my other 2 schemas, social isolation is one I can put on the back burner.

I’m learning to love me, a little  and I’m slowly reaching out of my comfort zone to show my friends the ‘genuine’ me, and they’ve seemed to like it so far.

So I’m going to call this a schema in passing. It’s not dead to me yet, but if I keep up the hard work on my other schemas, it soon will be. (I can almost hear the bugle playing its mournful tune, can you?)

What about you? Are there any other schemas you’ve recognized in yourself that you can improve upon, and maybe even acknowledge that they are no longer negatively impacting your life? Tell me in the comments section, please!