I’m going to be a real published blogger!

Guess what everyone? I signed up for a guest blogger website, and got a request from a website to write an article about bipolar disorder, which, (while not being a medical expert, feel I have some expertise in), I did!

I totally expected them to send me back an e-mail saying thanks for the effort, but this isn’t what we’re looking for, but they didn’t!

Instead I got e-mail saying they really enjoyed the article and it will be published June 17th!

I can’t believe it!

That’s all the news I have for the moment, but I’m sure I’ll have something new to talk about soonly!


Why copy and paste are important…

So I have been trying to spread my voice as far and as wide as possible, and actually was invited to write a guest blog for a few sites today! I was so excited, and I typed my first one up, it was about not despairing if you have bipolar disorder, there is hope, and so on and so forth.

It took me a good hour or so to type it, and tweak it until it met my standards, which is sad because my standards are usually pretty low. I mean, I can type my blogs on this site in usually 15-30 minutes or less. I actually started to write a post, got halfway through it, and deleted the whole thing because it was completely not in my voice and just sounded fake. I then started over with my usual writing style, and was fairly satisfied with my first ever attempt at a guest blog.

I have a feeling that guest blogging is kind of like photography, when you first start out, you think your work is pretty decent, but then you actually get good at what you’re doing, go back and look at your first few attempts and are mortified at how terrible it really was. At least that’s how I am with photography. I look back at my work from 4 years ago and wonder what on earth I was thinking, at least compared to the work I do now.

I hope my blogging skills improve of course, but I hope I’m not so terrible now that in a years time I’ll want to delete my first 20 posts because they’re so awful…

So back to the importance of copying and pasting your work…I finally finished my first ever post, and hit the submit article button…and Chrome froze! And I hadn’t saved my work! I almost always, always, always copy and paste before I change anything on the page, and the one time I don’t, I lose everything!

I’m trying to see the silver lining here, maybe it’s a sign that I needed to revise my work a third time to make it really, really good, or maybe it’s not a sign at all, and I just need to remember the importance of copying and pasting next time.

So, not a very inspiring story here, nor one particularly about being bipolar, just a story about the events in my day. How’s your day been? Have you ever had to be reminded of the importance of copying and pasting too?